Saturday, September 25, 2010

An end to almost nothing

I will truly miss you guys.

Being linked by Saund was probably my high moment, even coming after at least a few months of sloth like qualities, if not outright sluggishness from me. I'm afraid to say I'm leaving the blogroll for now.


Yes you hard it here folks. Homegirl got a job.

This is making more than my last position (which was a managerial thingyamajig) yet the new one is considered "Entry Level" and believe you-me.... if you saw one of my trainee buddies in a grocery store.... lets just say he'd have a hard time discerning between condensed, and regular milk........

I can't spare too much time to blog with my shift being back to 1st and night-time outgoings, ramblings, and freedom policy being somewhat less open than previously.

I'll take a moment to 100% thank Saund for including me in his posts and not discounting me as a PMS endorphined homicidal freak looking for an outlet in teh intarwebs. And even thanking Ambrosine for including me in her blogrool until I disappeared about 3-4 months ago. I completely understand the maintennance and that my removal was my own fault... it's just easier to read blogs lately than to post something coherent.

I luff you all and hope I see you in the expansion.

If I post here from now on.... it may not contain WoW like material anymore.... so be warned.

P.S. I has guild cruise pics (see last post) if you ask nicely... ROFL.

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  1. Oh, Um, /blush. Thanks! Um, er, I really didn't think that me linking to anyone would cause anything more than ... well not much. I have a few followers and readers, but I am hardly the source of usefulness and wit of people like Kurn or Tam! And then to mention me twice in a single post, gulp!
    Thanks Aoladari, and GL with the RL!